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Kerry D. King’s HIM

Creating the cover for Kerry D. King’s novel HIM was one of those journeys that seemed to take those involved into several different worlds, each prettier than the last. Based on actual events that happened in 1974, the book has a magical view of the world and, as such, needed a somewhat mystical or even […]

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Look, Mom, No Paint

Folks often ask if I use paints (or ink) to produce my book and magazine illustrations. Short answer: No. But I started as an actual painter and later as a pen-and-ink illustrator. But digital is so much cleaner and faster (plus there’s that undo key), that there’s just no contest between it and real paint. […]

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Book Cover Illustration: Never Again

This is a very early digital illustration I created, and one that demonstrated to me the potential of digital artwork. As such it became one of those roadway signs that sent me down a highway that might otherwise have remained undiscovered. It’s odd how the picture of barbed wire and a defiant fist present a […]

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Painting with Electrons: Book Cover Artwork

Although I used to work in oil paints and pen and ink, today my illustrations (like the one above for George Blackburne’s The Reverse Multiplier Effect) are all digital, painted by pushing electrons across the screen with a Wacom digital tablet and pen. The sizes of the paintings I create for book covers are generally […]

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The Last Painting of 2010

Well, 2011 is here. Time to start dating checks by the wrong year once again. And hope the family doctor doesn’t try the Alzheimer’s trick question, “Mr. Long, what year do you think it is?” As those who follow this blog know, I often create digital paintings strictly for my own fun and entertainment. So […]

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