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Art Software

I often receive questions about what software I use (or recommend) for artwork (along with that ever-common,”Do you use software or only brush and oils?”). So I thought a post on all this might be in order. First, my artwork is digital from beginning to end. I seldom sketch on paper except to make “notes” […]

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Painting with Electrons: Book Cover Artwork

Although I used to work in oil paints and pen and ink, today my illustrations (like the one above for George Blackburne’s The Reverse Multiplier Effect) are all digital, painted by pushing electrons across the screen with a Wacom digital tablet and pen. The sizes of the paintings I create for book covers are generally […]

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Please, Corel, No More Beta Testing On Customers

I thought perhaps I’d been a little hard on Corel in a previous post. So, having heard nice things about Draw X5 (I’m currently using version 8), I decided to take the newer version for a spin. OK… You can probably guess where this story is headed. But just in case… I plunked down my […]

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Photoshop or Painter for Illustration Work?

From time to time beginning illustrators contact me to ask whether Photoshop or Corel Painter is the better choice for digital illustration work. I think in fact there’s no wrong choice to make. After an artist gets used to the digital “landscape” of a program and using a tablet (I recommend Wacom tablets, by the […]

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