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Creating the Cover Art for Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4

I just got word that John Bowers’ newest sci-fi novel Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4 is now available at Amazon. The book is number six in the Nick Walker, U.F. Marshal series. I’d created a 3D figure of Nick Walker for a previous cover I did in this series, so I was able to rapidly […]

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Dieselpunk Artwork (for Book Covers), Part II

When writing my previous post about Dieselpunk artwork, I forgot the artwork I did about a year ago for Stephen Quayle’s Empire Beneath the Ice. These illustrations arguably fall into the Dieselpunk spectrum (in this case, uniting Nazi weapons, uniforms, and such with the German work on perfecting flying saucers at the end of World […]

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Starscapes for Book Covers and Magazine Illustrations

When I was a kid, the light pollution from mercury vapor lamps on farms as well as street lights from nearby urban areas wasn’t too bad yet, and we could sit in our backyard, look up, and see the Milky Way in the night time sky along with innumerable closer stars. We even spotted a […]

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Illustrations Hoping to Become Book Covers

I’ve spent the last few days creating illustrations for the fun of creating them. As such, they don’t have “homes” yet on the cover of a book or magazine — but I’m hoping they will soon. Even if they don’t have the fortune of gracing a cover, the plus is that I have a lot […]

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Creating a Cover Illustration for John Bowers’ Guerrilla Girl

We finished up the book cover illustration for the second installment in John Bowers’ science fiction “Starport” series, Guerrilla Girl last week. Amazingly enough, the novelĀ is already available for sale today at Amazon. The final version of my cover artwork (and layout) is shown above. For the project we started with a 3D model (which […]

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Duncan Long Paints Roger Rabbit. Sort Of…

I’m happy to announce that I’ve now officially painted Roger Rabbit — well, sort of. Actually just the ears. I created the illustration above for an excerpt from the 3rd book in the series written by the original Roger Rabbit creator, Gary K. Wolf. The excerpt appears in Amazing Stories Magazine and you can go […]

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20 Breathtaking Science Fiction Book Illustrations

I recently went through the hundreds of science fiction illustrations I’ve created as book and magazine artwork for publishers (big and small) including HarperCollins, ILEX and others, along with artwork that I’ve not yet found a “home” for, and hand-picked my own “Top 20” favorites in the science fiction genre. Rather than scrunch all the […]

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Book Cover Artwork: The Sisterhood

This week we finished the cover for best-selling author John Phillip Backus’ The Sisterhood: After the Fall, Book Three. The novel is a post-apocalyptic science fiction series. For our starting point with this book cover illustration, John selected one of the digital paintings in my online gallery “Virtual Friends.” . As the project progressed, much […]

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A Weekend Painting – and Hopefully Soon a Book Cover

On weekends I sometimes paint a “just for fun” piece that hopefully will be sold down the road. Here’s one of these, this one with a science fiction flavor with a nod toward the Garden of Eden. I’ve titled this illustration “Eve at Empire’s End.” ===================== Duncan Long loves to create book illustrations and even […]

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Another Book Cover Illustration Looking for a Home

This is another book illustration I had the opportunity to have showcased in the upcoming May issue of Horror Bound Magazine. In this case, science fiction book cover artwork I created for my own novel Wrong Side In. This picture has had it’s own tale of woe. Several years ago, I wrote a science fiction […]

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