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20 Breathtaking Science Fiction Book Illustrations

I recently went through the hundreds of science fiction illustrations I’ve created as book and magazine artwork for publishers (big and small) including HarperCollins, ILEX and others, along with artwork that I’ve not yet found a “home” for, and hand-picked my own “Top 20” favorites in the science fiction genre. Rather than scrunch all the […]

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John Chadwell and a Pair of Book Covers

Some time back book author and screen writer John Chadwell sent me a photo (above) that I thought I’d share. As you can see, he’s standing in front of the book and graphic novel covers I created for his action-adventure novel and graphic novel. And, yes, that’s his Facebook page showing there on the monitor […]

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Book Cover Artwork: Hunt of the Sea Wolves

Today’s project was finalizing the artwork for John Chadwell’s Hunt of the Sea Wolves which will go into print first as a Kindle title and from there… Well, the sky’s the limit because Diverse Talent Group is currently soliciting producers. John Chadwell has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers, is a successful script […]

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Updated Illustration for Werewolves of New Idria Script

The movie script for Werewolves of New Idria by John Chadwell and Ron Shusett (writer/creator of the Alien franchise and Total Recall) continues to be in the running. As the script is submitted to potential buyers, clients, and actors, the concept art and illustrations created for the graphic novel version of the story continue to […]

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Werewolves of New Idria

I’ve recently started an illustration project that will create character portraits and other artwork for John Chadwell’s book Werewolves of New Idria (which is also becoming a screenplay that Chadwell is coauthoring with Ron Shusett, the writer/creator of the Alien franchise as well as Total Recall). The basic plot follows several characters through history, from […]

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