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Another Updated Illustration: Werewolves of New Idria

Another updated picture to help peddle the movie script for Werewolves of New Idria by John Chadwell and Ron Shusett (writer/creator of the Alien franchise and Total Recall). This was one of the early concept paintings created as a banner for the online site of the original novel. The picture has been revived to accompany […]

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Updated Illustration for Werewolves of New Idria Script

The movie script for Werewolves of New Idria by John Chadwell and Ron Shusett (writer/creator of the Alien franchise and Total Recall) continues to be in the running. As the script is submitted to potential buyers, clients, and actors, the concept art and illustrations created for the graphic novel version of the story continue to […]

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A Painting Is Never Finished

Leonardo da Vinci once noted that “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” In the digital age, that might be modified to, “Art is never finished, only stored forever.” Or maybe not. At any rate, this is one of my digital paintings that seems never to have been finished. It started as an exercise in creating […]

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Book Cover Illustration Exercise

Another “book cover illustration exercise” done last weekend for entertainment — and hopefully to either inspire the commission of a book cover illustration or even to serve as a book illustration should it match an author’s vision of a story in search of artwork. Or maybe some concept art or a character design. At any […]

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Traveling Incognito

A “just for fun” piece I did over the weekend; a good demo of concept art and/or a book cover illustration (and, yes, all rights are still available as I write this). Since the cloaked figure is supposed to be traveling (through deep space) incognito, I placed the figure on the left, causing it to […]

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Book Illustrations: Wrong Side In (Part I)

A few more black and white drawings. These were produced for the second edition of Wrong Side In. ================== Duncan Long is a freelance illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Ballistic Publishing, American Media, and many other presses and self-publishing authors. See more of his work including book cover illustrations at: DuncanLong.com […]

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Journey Into Deep Space

Another variation on the “starscape” theme (promise, this will be the last with of these similar star fields), this time laid out in movie matte format with a starship superimposed over the background. ============ See more of Duncan Long’s digital matte paintings for stage and movie productions at: http://duncanlong.com/illustration/movie_mattes/movie_matte_artist.html ============

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The Bad Influence

Two nice things about digital illustrations are that the artwork can be stored easily, and that it can also be reworked very easily. For someone who’s going through a decade-long “learning curve” (like — uh, ME!) this makes it possible to go back to concepts that were good, but not executed too well, and revise […]

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The Rich Young Ruler

“Rich Young Ruler” is another reworked “golden older” I did some years back. I know he doesn’t look young. But the intriguing thing about the story of the Rich Young Ruler (who rejected salvation to keep his riches) is that eventually, barring accident or other early demise, he grew old. Did he die old and […]

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More Concept Art

This is the concept art I did to create the background for my Tree Clan illustration. Actually, it’s two or three sketches combines… First, I got the sky figured out, then a separate layer forming the tree-like structures and bridges, another for the small figures standing on the structure (useful for giving it some “scale” […]

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