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Lawrence P. White’s Voice of the Chosen Now Available

We just rounded up the cover for Lawrence P. White’s science fiction novel Voice of the Chosen, the third book in White’s science fiction series. I’ve enjoyed doing each of these covers, and believe this my be the most attractive of the three — though it’s perhaps a tossup with the second in the series […]

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Stoneweiser III Wins 2012 IPPY Silver Medal

Got some fantastic news about Dora Machado’s Stonewiser III book (which I created the cover illustration for in 2010, the creation process being described in a previous blog). Here’s the note from Bryan T. Marshall (the head honcho at Mermaid Publishing, LLC): I just wanted you both to know that the 3rd book in the […]

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Book Cover Artwork: The Sisterhood

This week we finished the cover for best-selling author John Phillip Backus’ The Sisterhood: After the Fall, Book Three. The novel is a post-apocalyptic science fiction series. For our starting point with this book cover illustration, John selected one of the digital paintings in my online gallery “Virtual Friends.” . As the project progressed, much […]

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Book Artwork: To beard, or not to beard…

Last week we completed the cover illustration for Ralph Joseph-Mirani’s science fiction epic Stranded Angels. This book cover turned out well with a nice flowing line from the sun rising at the rim of the earth with an orbiting spaceship — both pointing first to the dancing girl, then to the hero of the story, […]

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Science Fiction Book Artwork: Somewhere Off Deimos

I’ve been working on a space illustration for the top back of a science fiction novel. This is one of the “exercises” I did to develop a faster way to create both planets as well as the detail on a spaceship to make it look more like the surface of something that might have been […]

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