Stoneweiser III book cover layout and artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

Got some fantastic news about Dora Machado’s Stonewiser III book (which I created the cover illustration for in 2010, the creation process being described in a previous blog).

Here’s the note from Bryan T. Marshall (the head honcho at Mermaid Publishing, LLC):

I just wanted you both to know that the 3rd book in the Stonewiser series, Stonewiser: The Lament of the Stone has been awarded the Silver
medal for SFF in the 2012 IPPY Awards as well as is currently a finalist for SFF in ForeWord’s Book of the Year Awards.

That gives us three books that were all Book of the Year Award finalists as well as three books that have won National Awards – I don’t think that I know of any series where every book in the series has garnered such praise on a national level and much of that praise is directly related to your efforts!!! Thank you for the hard work you put in to make this series what it is.


Of course the cover illustration I created for the book isn’t the only reason the book did so well. But I like to think it helped it on its path toward success. Here’s the artwork I submitted:

Book cover illustration for Dora Machado's Stonewiser III - book cover artist Duncan Long

Also a great plus for the book was the beautiful layout and cover design created by Mayapriya Long at Bookwrights.

For those wanting to purchase a copy of this award-winning book, you can find it at Mermaid Press. Machado’s first two book (which I also had the pleasure of creating book cover illustrations for) are also available there as well for those wanting to read the entire trilogy.


Duncan Long is a freelance book cover illustrator who has created cover artwork for HarperCollins, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, and many small presses and self-publishing authors. Find more of his book illustrations at: