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Artwork: 3 Science Fiction Novels by Jim Organ

I recently sold three of my illustrations to Jim Organ for as many of his science fiction novels that he’ll be releasing soon. I’d done the artwork some time back, but when Jim discovered the pictures at my web gallery, he was sort of floored (by the sound of it), because not only did the […]

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9 Favorite Science Fiction Book Illustrations (by Me)

Over my years of illustration, I’ve created quite a number of paintings. Some never really “grab” me. But others seem to have a place in my heart. Or nightmares. And I thought I’d take a blog to share those in the science fiction category, with the caveat that often a book cover illustrator (like any […]

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Science Fiction Book Artwork: Somewhere Off Deimos

I’ve been working on a space illustration for the top back of a science fiction novel. This is one of the “exercises” I did to develop a faster way to create both planets as well as the detail on a spaceship to make it look more like the surface of something that might have been […]

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Another Book Illustration for A. I. Offspring

Here’s the back cover illustration for A. J. Vega’s science fiction adventure A. I. Offspring. Interestingly enough, the spaceship design was created by the author who has no small talent as an artist (just don’t tell him or he’ll start doing his own cover illustrations). ===================== When not dreaming of piloting spaceships, Duncan Long is […]

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