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Official Site for Majesty’s Offspring

Several months ago I had the privilege of creating the cover for A. J. Vega’s Majesty’s Offspring. I’m happy to announce that the book has a home page now. The site is nicely done and the Prologue to the book is also available online for those wanting a sneak peek at what’s inside the covers. […]

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Another Book Illustration for A. I. Offspring

Here’s the back cover illustration for A. J. Vega’s science fiction adventure A. I. Offspring. Interestingly enough, the spaceship design was created by the author who has no small talent as an artist (just don’t tell him or he’ll start doing his own cover illustrations). ===================== When not dreaming of piloting spaceships, Duncan Long is […]

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Crystal “Conduit” for A. I. Offspring

Yesterday I had a blast creating the various elements for the cover illustration of A. J. Vega’s A. I. Offspring novel. Shown here is the star drive engine (created by aliens in the story). The system centers around an artificial crystal “conduit” which houses an artificial intelligence consciousness. Since human technology tends to be symmetrical, […]

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