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Science Fiction Novel Cover Illustration: Jen of Earth

Yesterday the cover for best-selling author John Phillip Backus’ science fiction novel Jen of Earth was completed. The book is the first of a series of sci-fi adventures. The cover illustration was created by combining elements of two previous digital paintings I’d created which the author had selected as models for his cover. The two […]

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Official Site for Majesty’s Offspring

Several months ago I had the privilege of creating the cover for A. J. Vega’s Majesty’s Offspring. I’m happy to announce that the book has a home page now. The site is nicely done and the Prologue to the book is also available online for those wanting a sneak peek at what’s inside the covers. […]

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Sketch of the Day

A character concept sketch which will become a part of the book cover illustration for John Phillip Backus’ science fiction novel The Gathering – After The Fall (book two in this series). The final cover will employ a number of faces, “sliced and diced” into a somewhat surreal design. ===================== Duncan Long is a freelance […]

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