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Illustrations Hoping to Become Book Covers

I’ve spent the last few days creating illustrations for the fun of creating them. As such, they don’t have “homes” yet on the cover of a book or magazine — but I’m hoping they will soon. Even if they don’t have the fortune of gracing a cover, the plus is that I have a lot […]

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Three Updated Halloween Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Three “free reads”… My updated versions of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories with new, lavish illustrations: “The Ravel“ “Masque of the Red Death” “Eleonora” I’ve been offering these through Scribd for several years now and the number of views/downloads is impressive. “The Raven” is the most popular with over 8,000 downloads; “Masque of the Red Death” […]

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The Tooth Fairy

I’m not normally a big celebrator of Halloween (funny face notwithstanding), but in keeping with the holiday season, I decided to create a picture of the Tooth Fairy. No, not that kindly gentle lady who leaves a quarter under the pillow. This is her evil twin sister. It’s interesting how some of the things of […]

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Book Cover Painting Without a Home

“Spiritual Matters” is a for-fun digital painting that hopefully will one day find a home on a book as a cover illustration. ===================== Duncan Long is a freelance book cover illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. See his cover illustrations at: http://DuncanLong.com/art.html =====================

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Book Cover Work In Progress

Here’s somewhat of a departure (pun intended – “All aboard!”). This has more emphasis on a mechanical figure rather than the human figure. The picture was pretty bland without the lighting and atmospheric effects; painting in the headlight and fog proved pretty fast and gives it a rather ominous feel, I think. (Horror book cover, […]

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