Cyber Gal 5 book cover illustration by artist Duncan Long

I’ve spent the last few days creating illustrations for the fun of creating them. As such, they don’t have “homes” yet on the cover of a book or magazine — but I’m hoping they will soon. Even if they don’t have the fortune of gracing a cover, the plus is that I have a lot of fun making pictures, and like everything else, creative work like this hones my skills and enables me to put onto paper (well… into pixels) what I envision in my mind — not an easy skill to master.

So here are the cyberpunk gals, robots, and miscellaneous good and bad dream elements of my endeavors.

Hopefully they’ll bring a little joy to visitors’ hearts.

And maybe… just maybe… they’ll eventually become illustrations for stories in books and magazines.

Red book cover artwork by artist Duncan Long

Cyborg Pet cover artwork by artist Duncan Long

Fire Eater book cover artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

Post Bellum book cover artwork by illustrator Duncan Long


When not digitally painting for fun, Duncan Long works as a book and magazine illustrator. His artwork has been used by HarperCollins, Muse, Pocket Books, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and many other presses and self-publishing authors. See more of his art in Duncan Long’s Illustration Portfolio.