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Three Updated Halloween Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Three “free reads”… My updated versions of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories with new, lavish illustrations: “The Ravel“ “Masque of the Red Death” “Eleonora” I’ve been offering these through Scribd for several years now and the number of views/downloads is impressive. “The Raven” is the most popular with over 8,000 downloads; “Masque of the Red Death” […]

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Best Sellers? My 3 Free Edgar Allan Poe eBooks

I just happened to discover that the three Edgar Allan Poe “free ebooks” I created a few years back (as Christmas and Halloween presents for friends and clients) have made their way to the Internet in some unexpected places — with one site classifying them as “science fiction” books. Science fiction? Well, maybe Poe has […]

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Another Book Illustration for “Masque of the Red Death”

Yet another book illustration from my newly illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death — which can be downloaded for free from Datafilehost (in PDF format). This illustration is actually a composite of several other illustrations I created some time ago. It never really fit into any project, so I pressed […]

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Pirated Books

The last couple of weeks a number of my books (and those of many other authors) have been appearing at a variety of pirate sites. Nothing new here, but still troubling given that I never see a penny from such downloads — and it is possible to see declining sales that parallel the downloading of […]

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