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Three Updated Halloween Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Three “free reads”… My updated versions of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories with new, lavish illustrations: “The Ravel“ “Masque of the Red Death” “Eleonora” I’ve been offering these through Scribd for several years now and the number of views/downloads is impressive. “The Raven” is the most popular with over 8,000 downloads; “Masque of the Red Death” […]

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An Offbeat Halloween Graphic Novel

Readers wanting an offbeat Halloween story should check out my graphic novel Witches and Fish which can be purchased in print of Kindle format at Amazon.com. Need even more horror/Halloween “eye candy”? Then you’ll enjoy my Horror Gallery and my Pre-Made Horror Book Cover Gallery. =============================== Duncan Long is a writer/illustrator who has created work […]

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23 Horrifying Horror Book Cover Illustrations

This is another installment of my picks of my own favorite artwork from various categories. This time it’s horror artwork (hopefully not to be confused with “horrid” art). Some of these horror illustrations have actually appeared on book or magazine covers. One (the serpent Satan shaking his fist at Heaven) even appeared on the cover […]

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Giving Your Book the Cover Art It Deserves

Author Mary Maddox recently wrote of her experience in choosing an effective cover for her novel Talion. Originally she’d selected a very attractive, abstract photo for the cover — yet it failed to sell the book. At a book signing, one blunt person who told her, “I’m not buying your book because I don’t like […]

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Stephen Biro’s Hellucination Now Available

I got word from movie-maker Stephen Biro that his horror novel Hellucination (including the several versions with the book cover illustration I created, shown above) is now available in several formats. Currently there are four versions of the book available: 1) The Mass Market Print Version using my cover illustration on the front of the […]

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