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Giving Your Book the Cover Art It Deserves

Author Mary Maddox recently wrote of her experience in choosing an effective cover for her novel Talion. Originally she’d selected a very attractive, abstract photo for the cover — yet it failed to sell the book. At a book signing, one blunt person who told her, “I’m not buying your book because I don’t like […]

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Stephen Biro’s Hellucination Now Available

I got word from movie-maker Stephen Biro that his horror novel Hellucination (including the several versions with the book cover illustration I created, shown above) is now available in several formats. Currently there are four versions of the book available: 1) The Mass Market Print Version using my cover illustration on the front of the […]

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Black Beast – Coming to a Refrigerator Near Me

Rob Guthrie’s Black Beast: A Clan Of MacAulay Novel arrived today. The colors turned out beautifully with my book cover illustration (that’s not always the case and it’s a thrill when the print looks as good or better than the screen version of the artwork). And I appreciate the author taking the time to sign […]

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51 Book Cover Illustrations of Jack the Ripper (Give or Take Fifty Pictures)

This was my weekend project — a speculative “book cover” that as yet doesn’t have a client interested in buying the illustration. But hopefully before too long it will find a buyer (and my experience has been that such artwork eventually finds a home — and I also have a whole lot of fun creating […]

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