R S Guthrie Black Beast book cover illlustration by book illustrator Duncan Long

Rob Guthrie’s Black Beast: A Clan Of MacAulay Novel arrived today. The colors turned out beautifully with my book cover illustration (that’s not always the case and it’s a thrill when the print looks as good or better than the screen version of the artwork). And I appreciate the author taking the time to sign it as well.

Rob also included some refrigerator magnet promos with the cover printed on them. I can’t get over how nice the printing is on those as well. Given that my face served as a model for one of those on the cover (won’t say which face) one magnet will go to our refrigerator where it can scare vermin out of the kitchen.

This novel promises to be a great read. For your copy, visit Amazon.com. If you enjoy horror and mysteries, you’ll like this book.
Duncan Long is the book cover artist who created the illustration show above. Over 1,000 of his illustrations have appeared on book covers or in books from HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, ILEX, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Moonstone Books, and many other presses and self-publishing authors. See more of Long’s book illustrations at: Duncan’s Book Illustration Portfolio