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B&W (Grayscale) Science Fiction Illustrations

I recently had the good fortune to be hired to create some black and white (actually “grayscale” since everything is not only black and white in the picture) for a short story in a (for now) to-remain-nameless science fiction magazine. Above is a detail from the final drawing that I made for the publication. I […]

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My Cover Illustration for SQ Mag

I had the honor of creating an illustration for the cover of the March, 2016 edition of EQ Mag. Above is the final layout. (And you can read the whole issue of the e-magazine is online for free here: March 2016 SQ Magazine). The cat and gal both started as 3D figures, posed, lit, and […]

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Duncan Long Paints Roger Rabbit. Sort Of…

I’m happy to announce that I’ve now officially painted Roger Rabbit — well, sort of. Actually just the ears. I created the illustration above for an excerpt from the 3rd book in the series written by the original Roger Rabbit creator, Gary K. Wolf. The excerpt appears in Amazing Stories Magazine and you can go […]

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My Illustration for the Sci-Fi Story “Cosmic Corkscrew”

Here’s an illustration I did for Michael A. Burstein’s “Cosmic Corkscrew.” The tale deals with the missing story written by a young Issac Asimov — and the time traveler who goes searching for it. (You can read the story for free at Amazing Stories Magazine.) I had a lot of fun creating the illustration for […]

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Artwork: At the Polar Cap of Mars

My new illustration for an upcoming special edition of Amazing Stories. The short story this artwork illustrates is set at the Mars polar cap, and deals with the solution the main character devises to get her friend and herself out of harm’s way. On a personal note, it’s hard to describe what a thrill it […]

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The Lost Predictions of “NostraDuncan”

The last ten years have seen a major shift in our business from creating illustrations for larger publishers toward clients who are self-publishing authors or small presses. And ebook covers have become a large part of that work (though generally these are generated from the print version of the covers we create). One of the […]

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Why My Face Appeared On a National Tabloid

As noted in my previous post, I sometimes create illustrations for newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and non-fiction books. In the case of historic figures, there’s often no reliable references to what the person looked like, and few historic paintings as well. In such cases an illustrator is often called upon to recreate the figure, working on […]

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3 Sneak Peeks at Asimov’s SF Magazine Cover

I was contacted a few months back by the art director at Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and asked if I’d be interested in creating the cover for the Christmas issue (Dec. 2011). The art director may now be deaf in one ear do to my shouted, “Yes!!!!” I was sent a delightful story about a […]

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Two More Illustrations Looking for a Book Designer

Two more illustrations created over the weekend, with both seeking adoption by a loving book cover designer or magazine art director. As of today, both of these illustrations have all rights available, including the book and magazine cover rights as well as T-shirt, mouse pad, and other odds and ends. This little plug of the […]

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Horror Bound‘s “Featured Artist” of the Month

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been chosen as this month’s “Featured Artist” in issue #16 of Horror Bound Magazine. See which of my illustrations were chosen to appear in the magazine by visiting Horror Bound Magazine‘s web page. (Please note that you’ll need to scroll down a bit to find the artist of the […]

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