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B&W (Grayscale) Science Fiction Illustrations

I recently had the good fortune to be hired to create some black and white (actually “grayscale” since everything is not only black and white in the picture) for a short story in a (for now) to-remain-nameless science fiction magazine. Above is a detail from the final drawing that I made for the publication. I […]

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Artwork: At the Polar Cap of Mars

My new illustration for an upcoming special edition of Amazing Stories. The short story this artwork illustrates is set at the Mars polar cap, and deals with the solution the main character devises to get her friend and herself out of harm’s way. On a personal note, it’s hard to describe what a thrill it […]

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Sneak Peek: Robot for Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

First sketch for the robot design that I’m working on for an upcoming cover illustration for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. ===================== In addition to creating cover illustrations for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, Duncan Long has created artwork for a number of other presses including HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Moonstone Books, Enslow Publishers, and many […]

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Asimov’s Science Fiction Cover (In the Works)

I was asked late yesterday to do another cover illustration for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. This will make my third cover with the publication :o) Can’t say more about the project now but I am pushing a deadline. Shown above is the illustration I created for the December 2009 issue of Asimov’s. And below is […]

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My Most Popular Illustration

“The Lake of Fire” has proven to be one of my most popular illustrations. It has appeared on various websites, been used in PowerPoint presentations, and served as the spin-off for at least three book illustrations (generally as the background). “Lake of Fire” has appeared in several magazines, and also has the unique honor of […]

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Magazine Illustration: Rage At Heaven

South African-based Prepare the Way magazine will be reprinting my “Rage At Heaven” illustration along with the article it illustrated (originally printed in Lamplighter magazine). ===================== Duncan Long is a professional magazine artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in the Lamplighter, Prepare the Way, Asimov’s Science Fiction, the Sun tabloid, and other other publications. […]

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The Future of Publishing?

I’ve become a publishing “old timer.” Over the years, I have played on both sides of the publishing street, starting as a small publisher in the 1980s (using a fine-dot, dot matrix to print up copy for the books, no less) which I marketed by magazine ads. This went well and laid the ground work […]

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Advice for Starting in the Illustration Business

From time to time folks ask for advice about getting into the illustration business. I might not be the best person to ask since I sort of came in through the back door, starting as a writer/illustrator who could “package” his own technical books so the publisher didn’t need to hire a photographer or illustrator […]

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Sneak Peek: “Northward into the Night”

One of Richard Thieme’s science fiction short stories “Northward into the Night” from Mind Games (published April 2010 under the Duncan Long Publications imprint) is now available for a “free read” at nycBigCityLit.com. The illustration (above) was been used in its black-and-white version to illustrate the story in the book. A color version graces the […]

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Christian Artwork: New Jerusalem – Take Six

We live, the old Chinese curse supposedly goes, in “interesting times.” As is often the case in turbulent times, Christians tend to watch the skies wondering if perhaps, just perhaps, the End Times outlined in Revelation might be almost upon us. Some of my illustrations over the last decade involve scenes from the Bible, and […]

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