Lake of Fire - has proven to be my most popular book illustration and magazine artwork.

“The Lake of Fire” has proven to be one of my most popular illustrations. It has appeared on various websites, been used in PowerPoint presentations, and served as the spin-off for at least three book illustrations (generally as the background). “Lake of Fire” has appeared in several magazines, and also has the unique honor of being the most stolen illustration I’ve created. (I’m not sure what the moral to that story is — sadly I’ve been forced to send out warning notices and to even order the closure of a site or two because of use without permission, something I always hate being forced to do).

“Lake of Fire” was one of my early digital illustration efforts. It started, believe it or not, as a photo of some ducks swimming on a lake with the sunlight reflected back into the camera lens. I pushed the saturation and contrast, getting the dark reds and blacks, and one think led to another until I had stumbled into the picture. I plopped some skeletons and figures into the mix, created some red reflections in the “smoke” above the lake, and created some liquid mirroring — and there was the completed picture.

Unlike most of my early work, this one has remained on my galleries. The others have been relegated to the dustbins as an artist’s early work should be.

(Here’s the latest web page to put this picture to use: Adventist Today

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