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B&W (Grayscale) Science Fiction Illustrations

I recently had the good fortune to be hired to create some black and white (actually “grayscale” since everything is not only black and white in the picture) for a short story in a (for now) to-remain-nameless science fiction magazine. Above is a detail from the final drawing that I made for the publication. I […]

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Creatures, Monsters, and Nightmare Art

Sometimes an artist is called upon to create a monster, demon, fairys, gnome, troll or alien beast. And that’s always a challenge because the public has been “educated” by movies and artwork to expect a certain “look” from many of these creatures; meanwhile the client hiring the artist to create a picture for a book […]

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Black and White Book and Magazine Illustrations

For many years, magazines and books used black and white or grayscale illustrations in their text. This cut the printing costs since only one ink was being used, while still supplying some visual interest, as well as capturing buyers who leafed through the publication at a newsstand. Over the years, these illustrations pretty much vanished […]

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Time to End US Tax Funding of the Arts?

Some in the art community fear that Washington DC politicians may cut funding to the arts (NEA, etc.) in an effort to get the budget in check. My take? Please make the cuts. Right to the bone. Every April 14th I send the IRS a big chunk of my earnings. Probably you do, too. I […]

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Magazine Illustration: Rage At Heaven

South African-based Prepare the Way magazine will be reprinting my “Rage At Heaven” illustration along with the article it illustrated (originally printed in Lamplighter magazine). ===================== Duncan Long is a professional magazine artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in the Lamplighter, Prepare the Way, Asimov’s Science Fiction, the Sun tabloid, and other other publications. […]

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A Magazine Illustration Ahead of Its Time

I’ve done a lot of magazine illustration and artwork over the years, and forget what has been done. Thus, I was rather startled re-discover this picture I did for the Sun tabloid in 2003. I never actually saw the article, but the art director told me it was about how the government (TSA) would be […]

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