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Black and White Book and Magazine Illustrations

For many years, magazines and books used black and white or grayscale illustrations in their text. This cut the printing costs since only one ink was being used, while still supplying some visual interest, as well as capturing buyers who leafed through the publication at a newsstand. Over the years, these illustrations pretty much vanished […]

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Why My Face Appeared On a National Tabloid

As noted in my previous post, I sometimes create illustrations for newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and non-fiction books. In the case of historic figures, there’s often no reliable references to what the person looked like, and few historic paintings as well. In such cases an illustrator is often called upon to recreate the figure, working on […]

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Cute Kittens… Uh, Illustrations… Needing a Home

Another slew of original illustrations from the flying monkeys at the Duncan Long Studio, each looking for a home on a book or magazine cover. Horror, science fiction, and fantasy all looking for the right home on a novel or with a short story. And currently all rights are available for each of these illustrations. […]

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Ms. Pan Is Looking for a Book Cover to Call Home

I had the opportunity to have some of my artwork showcased in the upcoming May issue of Horror Bound Magazine. While searching for suitable illustrations for the magazine, I discovered a few “Golden Oldies” that I thought I’d post over the next few days. Most of these (including this one) have never been used as […]

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What Are DPI?

Often when working on book illustrations for self-publishing authors, there will be confusion in regard to the DPI (dots per inch) needed for a picture to look good in print. The confusion comes because web pictures and most artwork designed for viewing on a computer screen will appear at 72 dpi (or, more rarely, at […]

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Lamplighter Cover Illustration

Lion & Lamb Ministries has purchased limited rights to “The Serpent’s Curse” (above) for use on the cover of its Lamplighter magazine. This is a rather quirky picture that attracts lots of attention, yet is pretty limited in its potential for being employed as an actual illustration (though I believe it has been used in […]

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Illustration Rights – What Do You Need?

There’s often confusion as to what is being purchased when a publisher or author buys the rights to an illustration. Part of that confusion comes from the fact that rights to a picture can be divided up almost endlessly: Magazine, book, movie, poster, mouse pads, T-Shirts, mugs… The list can go on and on. And […]

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