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Yes, I Create Dragons for Book and Magazine Covers

Dragons, like the water dragon above (about to snatch a pair of pirates), are not easy to paint. Their complexity makes an artist devise painting shortcuts and hone his skill. And while dragons may be mythical creatures, everyone seems to have a pretty specific idea of what they should look like. And if the artwork […]

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The Lost Predictions of “NostraDuncan”

The last ten years have seen a major shift in our business from creating illustrations for larger publishers toward clients who are self-publishing authors or small presses. And ebook covers have become a large part of that work (though generally these are generated from the print version of the covers we create). One of the […]

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Cute Kittens… Uh, Illustrations… Needing a Home

Another slew of original illustrations from the flying monkeys at the Duncan Long Studio, each looking for a home on a book or magazine cover. Horror, science fiction, and fantasy all looking for the right home on a novel or with a short story. And currently all rights are available for each of these illustrations. […]

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3 Illustrations Looking for a Book/Magazine Cover Home

Another three illustrations from the flying monkeys who fling electrons at the screen here at the Duncan Long Studio. As usual, these illustrations were pretty much created for my own enjoyment, though all three are spinoffs from ideas or materials for actual book cover projects (but which were never used). Hopefully they’ll eventually find homes […]

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Asimov’s Science Fiction Cover (In the Works)

I was asked late yesterday to do another cover illustration for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. This will make my third cover with the publication :o) Can’t say more about the project now but I am pushing a deadline. Shown above is the illustration I created for the December 2009 issue of Asimov’s. And below is […]

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Magazine Illustration: Rage At Heaven

South African-based Prepare the Way magazine will be reprinting my “Rage At Heaven” illustration along with the article it illustrated (originally printed in Lamplighter magazine). ===================== Duncan Long is a professional magazine artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in the Lamplighter, Prepare the Way, Asimov’s Science Fiction, the Sun tabloid, and other other publications. […]

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Lamplighter Cover Illustration

Lion & Lamb Ministries has purchased limited rights to “The Serpent’s Curse” (above) for use on the cover of its Lamplighter magazine. This is a rather quirky picture that attracts lots of attention, yet is pretty limited in its potential for being employed as an actual illustration (though I believe it has been used in […]

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A Child’s Witness to Genocide

Issue five of Free Voices magazine came out with the illustration I did for it. The issue contains extensive excerpts of Edith Saposnik Kaplan’s book A Child’s Witness to Genocide (both the magazine and book are published by The Solomon Press). The autobiographical story follows the harrowing experiences of Kaplan (then a small child) who […]

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Christian Artwork: New Jerusalem – Take Six

We live, the old Chinese curse supposedly goes, in “interesting times.” As is often the case in turbulent times, Christians tend to watch the skies wondering if perhaps, just perhaps, the End Times outlined in Revelation might be almost upon us. Some of my illustrations over the last decade involve scenes from the Bible, and […]

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Black and White Book Illustrations

I’m continuing to work on my black and white illustration techniques and thought I’d post some of my latest undertakings. A few are modifications of old work that was originally in color; others are new. While these are likely to appear in magazines or at web sites, I am hoping they may make their way […]

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