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Creating the Cover Art for Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4

I just got word that John Bowers’ newest sci-fi novel Manhunt on Tau Ceti 4 is now available at Amazon. The book is number six in the Nick Walker, U.F. Marshal series. I’d created a 3D figure of Nick Walker for a previous cover I did in this series, so I was able to rapidly […]

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B&W (Grayscale) Science Fiction Illustrations

I recently had the good fortune to be hired to create some black and white (actually “grayscale” since everything is not only black and white in the picture) for a short story in a (for now) to-remain-nameless science fiction magazine. Above is a detail from the final drawing that I made for the publication. I […]

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Yes, I Can Create a Spacesuited Gal for Your Sci-Fi Book Cover

Lately, I’ve been employing 3D character creation for realistic book cover and magazine illustrations — sort of “photographs of the impossible.” The obvious big plus here is that I can offer the realism of a photo while creating art that would be impossible (or very expensive) to photograph. This process of creating science fiction book […]

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My Illustration for the Sci-Fi Story “Cosmic Corkscrew”

Here’s an illustration I did for Michael A. Burstein’s “Cosmic Corkscrew.” The tale deals with the missing story written by a young Issac Asimov — and the time traveler who goes searching for it. (You can read the story for free at Amazing Stories Magazine.) I had a lot of fun creating the illustration for […]

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Nice Review for Sci-Fi Art Now

Sci-Fi Art Now continues to garner great reviews. The most recent is to be found at io9. And out of the several hundred images in the book, they chose two of my illustrations to display at their site – always a feather in the cap of an artist. Sadly, enough though they chose my artwork […]

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Sci-Fi Art Now Ready for Pre-Order

Sci-Fi Art Now is now available for sale, even though it won’t officially be released until October (2010). Here’s the blurb from Ilex Press’ site: “This perennially popular genre always attracts the most visionary artists, and this book showcases the crème de la crème of contemporary science fiction painters, illustrators and creators. All aspects of […]

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