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My Cover Illustration for SQ Mag

I had the honor of creating an illustration for the cover of the March, 2016 edition of EQ Mag. Above is the final layout. (And you can read the whole issue of the e-magazine is online for free here: March 2016 SQ Magazine). The cat and gal both started as 3D figures, posed, lit, and […]

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Determining What’s the Best Artwork for a Book Cover

Creating a good book cover is — as the saying goes — an art. A very delicate art at that. Just a little too much here or there can destroy the balance of a cover and transform it from a thing of beauty to an eyesore. Simple designs can often be key to a good […]

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The Right Typeface for a Book

Finding just the right typeface for a book is tricky. It’s a little like adding a spice during food preparation. You want enough to give things the proper flavor, but you don’t want to add so much of the spice that it draws attention to itself. Typefaces are like that. Beginning designers, like green cooks, […]

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