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A New Occupy Eroak Cover for John Bowers’ Sci-Fi Novel

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks creating new cover illustrations for some of John Bowers’ science fiction “Starport” series. Above is the final illustration and layout of the updated cover for Occupy Eroak. As is often the case, I created several several versions of the illustration before we finally got to something that worked well. Perhaps […]

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Determining What’s the Best Artwork for a Book Cover

Creating a good book cover is — as the saying goes — an art. A very delicate art at that. Just a little too much here or there can destroy the balance of a cover and transform it from a thing of beauty to an eyesore. Simple designs can often be key to a good […]

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Werewolves of New Idria Poster Completed

Here’s the promo poster for the graphic novel Werewolves of New Idria. Everyone seems to like it and it’s possible that it may become the actual cover for the graphic novel. If so, it will be about the eighth cover created for the title. On the plus side, each stab at the cover illustration seems […]

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The Book Cover Illustration’s Job

The cover illustration should tell a story, but it can never tell THE story. That’s the job of the author through the text of the book.

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