Wrong Side In - Cyborg  science fiction book cover artwork by DuncanLong

This is another book illustration I had the opportunity to have showcased in the upcoming May issue of Horror Bound Magazine. In this case, science fiction book cover artwork I created for my own novel Wrong Side In.

This picture has had it’s own tale of woe. Several years ago, I wrote a science fiction novel which I self published. The book cover proved harder to execute than I had expected, with about five or six different illustrations being created, none to my liking until about a year ago. This sis one of the elements from the reject pile.

As for the novel, I decided to move from self-publishing to getting a small press to handle the book. And I may have a publisher lined up. Tune in tomorrow – or perhaps a bit later.

And the book cover artwork shown above is still looking for a home.

Duncan Long creates science fiction, fantasy, and horror book cover artwork. His book and magazine cover artwork has appeared in publications from HarperCollins, Moonstone Books, Pocket Books, PS Publishing, Asimov Science Fiction Magazine, ILEX, ISFiC Press, and other presses as well as self-publishing writers. You can view Long’s book cover artwork at: Duncan Long’s Book Cover Illustration Portfolio.