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Enduring the Darts and Slings of Critics

No matter which of the arts a creative person works in, there are always “critics” offering their opinions of the artist’s work. Some critics may be well-meaning. Others, however, are simply spiteful little trolls who would destroy if they could, and barring that, are happy to sling their warped notions your way as “friendly advice” […]

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You’re Creative. You’re Different.

Creative people often feel highs of joy and lows of sorrow that others may never experience, and perhaps could not even handle if they did. Little wonder many outside the creative world mistake (or dismiss) eccentric responses of the spirit as weakness or mental illness. But in the end, these dismissive souls will never know […]

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Creativity: Madmen, Geniuses, and Harvard Students

I recently wrote a small article for Dr. Shelley Carson’s blog page. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Carson, she teaches an award-winning (and very popular) course “Creativity: Madmen, Geniuses, and Harvard Students” at Harvard. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to exchange emails with her, discussing how my various experiences have influenced my own […]

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Time to Lose the Muse

I recently watched a video in which the speaker suggested that creative people could minimize some of the emotional upsets that seem to go hand-in-hand with the creative process by externalizing the source of their creativity. In other words, adopt the ancient notion that creativity came from the whisperings of a muse, not from the […]

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Today’s Book Cover Without a Home

Sometimes an artist just has to create what’s rattling around in his brain. This is such artwork… An illustration without a home (as of yet). Binary suns. The suns are mirrored in the glowing globes in the forgotten mechanism at the base of the painting, and in the broach and forehead jewelry of the heroine. […]

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