Horror Book Cover Illustration by Artist Duncan Long

I was happy to learn several of my illustrations have been featured in the “For Writers: Publishing Tips and News” section at EveryWriterSource.com. The pictures are also slated to appear in its magazine.

(If you’re an author, note that the electronic version of the magazine is available for free, and is a great source of tips and tricks for writers.)

While I create a variety of book cover artwork for genres other than horror, the horror illustrations angle fit into the Halloween season, and so the editor and I went with a small collection of what I think are some of my best horror artwork.

Of course I have lots more horror artwork, so whether you’re looking for some book cover art or just enjoy being a tad frightened by what you see, I have two large online galleries of the terrifying and macabre available for viewing: Duncan’s Horror Illustration Gallery and Pre-Made Horror Book Cover Gallery.

Warning: Visit these galleries only if you have a strong heart.

Illustrator Duncan Long has created horror artwork — as well as science fiction, fantasy, and adventure illustrations — for a number of self-publishing writers and indie presses as well as for HarperCollins, Amazing Stories, Pocket Books, Enslow Publishers, ILEX, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and Moonstone Books.