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Black and White (Grayscale) Short Story Art

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working on illustrations for science fiction print magazine. As is traditional for sci-fi magazine, this publication will use only black ink on the inside pages (to reduce ink costs), the pictures therefore must be grayscale (often called “black and white” — though in fact they have all […]

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Book Cover Artwork Reveal

Here’s my illustration for David Kempf’s new novel (with lettering by Kib Prestridge). Creating this picture took me down a different route than I commonly use in creating my artwork. This picture is a “composite” of two faces, a computer circuit board, and the air grill on a computer. The various elements were layered, and […]

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When Less Is More

One of the pictures (which I posted for Halloween in the previous blog entry) caught the eye of designer David Grasekamp who asked to use it as “Mephisto” in newsletter advertising an upcoming lecture/exhibition about form in art — and which would include a showing of the 1926 German movie “Faust – Eine deutsche Volkssage.” […]

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