Horror illustration by book cover artist Duncan Long

I have a nice interview at the “Masters of Horror” blogsite.

Of course it’s always a relief to have an interview that’s a hatchet job on you (ha). That’s a serious downer. (After several decades in the publishing business, I’ve only been ambushed once in this way — with a radio interview that I discontinued during a commercial break.) Fortunately for me, this interview is just the opposite and I was very, very happy to see what appeared online.

So a big “THANK YOU!!!” to David Kempf for a thoughtful interview and a kind write up; it is much appreciated. You can check it out here: Masters of Horror: An Interview With Duncan Long.

Before the interview, I was a bit leery about the notion that I created horror artwork for book illustration. However, when I went through my collection of art that I’ve produced over the years, there really is a big chunk of work that can certainly be categorized as horror. So I sent copies of some of my favorites over to Kempf for use with my interview (and I’ve added a few of them above and below here as well), and he fired off some thoughtful questions and we were off to a great start.

So there you have it.

Horror illustration by book cover artist Duncan Long

Horror artwork for a book cover

Horror cover artwork Duncan Long