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Save Money with Ready Made Book Cover Art?

Everyone understands that a quality book cover is the new gatekeeper that helps would-be buyers decide whether or not a book is worth spending money on. Put a poor cover illustration on your book and sales will be poor. But what happens if you’re on a very limited budget and can’t afford to hire an […]

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Book Artwork and Design: What the Cyclops Saw

The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with a book layout project that’s proved to be a lot of fun. The publisher has given me pretty much free rein: I’ve been free to choose/create a typeface family, devise the two-column layout, and pick the photos and illustrations to go into it. In short, it’s been […]

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Victor Thorn’s Reality Bomb

I had the pleasure of hearing from Victor Thorn (talk show host, reporter, and writer). He wanted to use 32 of my pictures in his upcoming book, Reality Bomb. I was happy to see so many of my illustrations getting exposure in his upcoming book (and a little cash in the exchange didn’t hurt anything, […]

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Seeing Faces

The mind often tries to see faces where none are: The man in the moon being a prime example. I can remember as a child walking homeward on a crisp autumn evening and being asked by my mom if I could see a face in the rising full moon. I sure could after that question. […]

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Book Illustration: Swordsmith Alejandro Delgado

It’s funny how sometimes a picture can spring into an artist’s mind fully finished (for all practical purposes); no question about the layout, how the character will hold his arms, what colors to use. The vision appears full grown, like armored Athena springing from the head of Zeus. Sometimes such illustrations are triggered by a […]

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A Sneak Peek at New Book Cover Art

I’ve put the new illustrations I’ve created over the last month (plus some reworked older pieces) online for inspection. A few pictures have cover rights sold (including the new cover for R. L. Brush’s Jesse Steele and the Secret of Otherworld), but most of the other illustrations have all rights still available. The URL: http://duncanlong.com/preview/ […]

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