Crazed Illustrator Displaying His Three Book Cover Illustrations

I recently received a box which, after determining that it wasn’t ticking (yes, I have crossed a few art directors in my time), I discovered contained all three mammoth volumes of Lawrence P. White’s Spirit of Empire trilogy. And, yes, the author had kindly signed each one. And it goes without saying that I’m pretty proud of the cover artwork I created for these three books.

It was a shock to see how massive the books actually are. Had it not been for years of weight lifting and ham fingers, I likely could never have held them for the photo above. While I’d realized they were big when doing the layout for the covers — the spines were WIDE — only when holding them did their huge number of pages sink in.


And each was beautifully printed and the interior well laid out. Yes, these are real treasures. And they’ll deliver a whole lot of good reading.

Book Cover Illustration for book one in the trilogy

Last of the Chosen -- first book in the trilogy.

Knights of the Chosen book cover illustration.

Knights of the Chosen -- 2nd book of White's trilogy.

Book cover for Voice of the Chosen -artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

Cover for Voice of the Chosen

Both the print as well as Kindle versions of these three books are available from If you want to read some epic science fiction, check out these three titles:: Last of the Chosen, Knights of the Chosen, and Voice of the Chosen.

Getting copies of books from clients is always a joy for a book illustrator. And these were no exception to that rule.

Thank you, Lawrence P. White!