Salon Futura magazine cover illustration by illustrator and artist Duncan Long

Editor Cheryl Morgan chose my illustration “Forgotten Temple on a Lost Planet” for the April cover of Salon Futura, an online (and free) science fiction magazine.

Here’s the original illustration which was (obviously) too wide for the magazine cover:

Science Fiction Magazine cover Illustration Forgotten Temple by artist Duncan Long

The star field of this illustration was originally created for another project but never used; on a whim, I painted the “lost temple” on it, some two-headed creatures flying from it, and a group of explorers coming through the dark jungle with some sort of bright flares to guide their way (please picture a futuristic Indiana Jones in a spacesuit carrying an electric torch that drips hot sparks of molten metal — hey, it’s my picture, I can have Indiana Jones in the jungle with a weird torch if I want to).

In addition to being cropped, the original illustration had to be flipped and re-painted along the top so the magazine’s masthead could be easily read. Not too tough with a digital picture – quite a job with real painting. And I guess that’s why today I push electrons around when creating artwork for magazine and book covers instead of painting with oils or acrylics.

But I do miss the heady smells of paints, inks, and turpentine.
Duncan Long has pushed electrons that created magazine cover artwork and illustrations for Salon Futura, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, The Sun, and other magazines as well as a host of book cover illustrations for major presses, small publishers, and self-publishing authors. You can enjoy more of his illustrations in Duncan’s Portfolio of Magazine and Book Illustrations