Innocence In a Short Skirt-book-artwork-illustration-Duncan-Long

"Innocence In a Short Skirt, With Ax" - an illustration by Duncan-Long

As I am often want to do on the weekend, I take time off from doing illustration work to do (drum roll please) — more illustration work. However, if my time permits, these weekend illustrations are for my own enjoyment initially, with an eye toward their eventually being sold to publishers or at the very least as a method to freshen up my portfolio.

This weekend, for some reason I got on a jag of “bad girls.” I’ve always been horrified at how men seem attracted to dangerous women, and good women, toward bad boys. I think there’s a basic law of human nature here, likely going back to the Garden of Eden. Something in human genetics too often leaves the good guy (or gal) finishing last in the game of love.

Anyway, enough philosophy.

Here’s the next picture:

Random Violence a book illustration artwork by Duncan Long

"Random Violence" a potential book illustration by Duncan Long.

In regard to the above, my good friend Phil Hunter tells me he had a date like this once. I didn’t inquire further, but understand it involved a trip to the emergency room.

Of course the outcome of being bad:

Victimless Crimes - another book cover illustration by Duncan Long

"Victimless Crimes" - another book cover illustration looking for a home.

About the above, it came about because I maintain that there’s no such thing as a victimless crime. If nothing else, the criminal justice system is inclined to extract a price for crime. And often many, many more of those who know and care about the criminal and/or those touched by the crime in one way or another also suffer. Like a stone dropped into a pond, a victimless crime causes ripples that expand past the criminal to touch those far away from the crime.

Finally, a self-portrait that’s a little outside my normal style. This one created for a book I’m working on about the publishing business. It may or may not go into print as I can’t decide whether it’s worth the time and effort.

Self Portrai by book-illustrator DuncanLong

Self Portrai by book-illustrator DuncanLong

Except for this last picture, all are looking for a home with a publisher or self-publishing author. Anyone need a bad girl to take home and introduce to Mom?

Wishing everyone a great week!

Duncan Long is a magazine and book cover illustrator. View more of his illustrations at Duncan Long’s Magazine and Book Cover Portfolio