LaMora FindingBadger book cover illustration and graphic design artwork by Duncan Long

I got word that Holly LaMora’s Finding Badger is now available in paperback and Kindle format at:

Billed as a “Metaphorical Journey of Transformation” the book is a very entertaining read. And you can find sample chapters at’s page. The only caveat is that once you start reading, you’ll likely be hooked and will need to buy the book. You can also find more about the book here at the author’s web page.

I also had the pleasure of doing not only the cover illustration for the book, but also the layout for the print version. This possibly is the first yellow-tinted background I’ve ever done on a book cover layout (and perhaps the first yellow background for an illustration as well). It was a departure that turned out well and likely will make its appearance in future book layout and artwork I do.

Finding Badger graphic design and layout of the print book cover by illustrator Duncan Long

If you like science fiction, head on over to and check out Finding Badger.
Duncan Long loves creating book covers and illustrating books and magazines. His work appears on book cover designs from HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Moonstone Books, and Enslow Publishers as well as three covers of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and The Sun tabloid. You can see more of his artwork at Duncan Long’s Portfolio