Life Lived-book cover illustration by book artist and illustrator Duncan Long

Here’s a novel written for those wanting to know what it’s like to have a sociopath in your love life.

Yes, I did the cover illustration.

Perhaps the book’s author knew about my sociopathic tendencies.

A Life Lived Ridiculously can be purchased from the author’s website, or through Amazon or through Barnes & Noble.

Sample chapters are also available at the author’s web site.

This illustration has a little bit of more of a cartoon feel to it than with much of my artwork. I’m not quite sure why since the characters are pretty realistic. I think perhaps it’s because of the gal’s wide-eyed look and rounded hairdo which both tend to look a bit like that of a cartoon character. Possibly the somewhat skewed perspective promotes this feeling as well. And of course the white background.

At any rate, it’s nice to see my artwork on a novel like this and hopefully this book will help readers who have to deal with the ruthless (if not dangerous) people that are out there in the dating arena.
When not enjoying his life as a sociopath, Duncan Long creates realistic illustrations book and magazine covers. His artwork has appeared on a number of books from self-publishing authors as well as large presses. See more of his book illustrations at: Duncan’s Book Illustration Portfolio