Anthony DeCosmo Kindle Cover illustration by artist Duncan Long

I recently completed the cover artwork for Anthony DeCosmo’s action-adventure/techno-thriller The God Particle which is the first in his “Opposing Force” series.

The key requirement for the cover was that the environment look like a new lab with a biological containment door. After doing a little research on what a bio-containment door should look like (I had pictured it as a submarine door complete with wheel in the middle of the hatch — nope), I was soon on the right track. After designing several different locking access systems, we finally settled on the one shown above (which has elements from several actual access systems).

The one hiccup in the process came about because the door and walls needed to appear to be surgically clean (well, except for the blood from an “incident” that occurs early in the novel). I soon discovered that a pure white door and wall was not only a bit boring, it also proved less than ominous, and pretty fake looking as well.

Early Anthony DeCosmo Book Cover Illustration by book artist Duncan Long

The “fix” was adding a layer of dirt, stains, and random texture to the illustration along with three green light sources; these gave the picture a more menacing and realistic appearance.

Along the line the original locking system was replaced by a more robust one, along with larger and more warning decals; to keep the door looking “used” the decals were “scuffed” to make them look like they’d been there a while.

Basically the virtual wear and tear made for added realism.

The God Particle book cover illustration by book artist Duncan Long

Finally, I should mention that no human beings were injured in the making of this book illustration. Well, except for that unfortunate incident when one of our flying monkeys gained access to our studio’s assault rifle.

But that’s another story.

Anthony DeCosmo’s The God Particle is slated for release via as a Kindle book. And more in the techno-thriller series should be following after that.

Duncan Long creates book illustrations and book artwork for large publishers, small presses, and self-publishing writers. Find more of his book illustrations and artwork at Duncan Long’s Book Artwork Portfolio