The Raven - a book illustration by artist Duncan Long

“The Raven” – an unpublished book illustration that hopefully might get into someone’s updated Edgar Allan Poe book.

Halloween was always a fun holiday for me when I was a kid, back before that terrifying realization of adulthood: that the world really was full of monsters (albeit of a different kind than in the monster movies and fairy tales). With those kinder and gentler times in mind, I decided to start a display and countdown toward Halloween, displaying some of my favorite horror illustrations that I’ve created for books and magazines (and sometimes just for fun) over the last ten years or so.

In other words, boys and ghouls, tune in tomorrow, same place, same time, for some more horror artwork for the Halloween season.

Until then, here are a few more illustrations to tide visitors over until tomorrow:

Artifacts  Halloween book artist and illustrator  Duncan Long

“Artifacts” an unpublished horror illustration by artist / illustrator Duncan Long

The Bad Influence illustration by artist and illustrator  Duncan Long

“The Bad Influence” appeared in “The Sun” tabloid and also had a portion of the artwork employed for a film poster.

The beast - Halloween artwork by book artist and illustrator  Duncan Long

“The Beast” started as a concept sketch — that proved to be powerful enough to stand on its own.

Arterial Growths  Halloween book artist and illustrator  Duncan Long

“Arterial Growths” found its way to the front cover of Harper Collins Digital Artwork for the 21st Century

Book artist / illustrator Duncan Long has created a variety of artwork for a number of self publishing authors as well as larger presses including PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Moonstone Books, Enslow Publishers, and others. You can find his online gallery of book and magazine illustrations, including his horror artwork, at: Duncan Long’s Art Portfolio.