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Putting the Hell Into Halloween Artwork

Halloween has come to symbolize the age-long struggle between good and evil. Ultimately evil is a rebellion against the God of goodness, and as such comes to a literally hellish end both in literature as well as in many religions. A certain logic can lead one to ask, “If God is really loving, why would […]

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Trial by Evil Dolls: 32 Days of Halloween and Horror

Dolls are normally a cheerful toy that many a young child cherishes. Yet there’s something sort of spooky about their lifelike qualities of a doll, and it isn’t rate to see a child become a bit terrified when first being exposed the “uncanny valley” of human-like toys. Little wonder then that more than a few […]

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Good Gone Bad: 32 Days of Halloween

One of the more troubling and often horrifying inventions of story telling occurs when something we’ve come to expect to be good turns out to be bad. These quickly transform the things of everyday life into the monsters from the dark corners of the mind. Invasion of the Body Snatchers as well as many movies […]

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32 Days of Halloween – “The Raven”

In 2009 I created an illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” which I’ve been giving away for free since then (it is available to read online or download in PDF format at Scribd). In addition to the horror illustrations I created for this short book, I also designed a typeface — and hid […]

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A Few Evil Things (Day 9 of the 32 Days of Halloween)

In my childhood, Halloween was a more innocent time. Since then, one can feel the evil influences and while these have certainly done much to energize parts of the entertainment industry and put a few entertainment thrills and chills into readers and audiences, it is not without a downside. I often would like a little […]

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Day 5 of the 32 Days of Halloween: Zombies

The notion of zombies is possibly as old as the stories of werewolves or vampires. Likely based on drugs that caused victims to take orders and wander about like the drugged people they were, the whole sub-genre of zombies has grown over the years since George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead hit the […]

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Skulls: (32 Days of Halloween Celebration: Day 4)

Day four of my exploration of horror and Halloweenish artwork that I’ve created for magazine and book illustrations as well as artwork that as yet remains unsold. Today’s artwork will take a look at those terrifying skulls and bones that we associate with death — and which are within us all, just below the skin. […]

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3rd Day: 32 Days of Halloween

This was one of the illustrations created for my illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” — which you can read online or download for free at: Masque of the Red Death Here are a few more pictures from this edition of the horror classic:

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32 Days of Halloween Artwork – Day 2

The countdown to Halloween continues with more of the artwork and illustrations I’ve created over the years for various publishers — and for my own enjoyment. ====================== Illustrator Duncan Long has created a variety of genre artwork for self-publishing authors and large presses. You can find more of his horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and […]

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32 Days of Halloween Artwork and Illustrations – Day 1

Halloween was always a fun holiday for me when I was a kid, back before that terrifying realization of adulthood: that the world really was full of monsters (albeit of a different kind than in the monster movies and fairy tales). With those kinder and gentler times in mind, I decided to start a display […]

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