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40 Shades of Death (32 Days of Halloween: Day 7)

One of the things that terrifies almost anyone sometime during their life is the fear of death. And often that fear is inherent in Halloween, a holiday based on various cultures’ beliefs that the dead might walk among us during certain times of the year. So here are a few of my illustrations dealing with […]

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32 Days of Halloween Artwork – Day 2

The countdown to Halloween continues with more of the artwork and illustrations I’ve created over the years for various publishers — and for my own enjoyment. ====================== Illustrator Duncan Long has created a variety of genre artwork for self-publishing authors and large presses. You can find more of his horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and […]

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10 Favorite Horror Illustrations for Halloween

A small collection of artwork from my horror gallery. Some newish, others early artwork. Hopefully entertaining for those wanting a few Halloween scares and perhaps a laugh or two along the lines of those great Charles Addams’ cartoons or Stephen King in his less dark moments. Here’s wishing my clients, fans, and visitors a good […]

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