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Good Gone Bad: 32 Days of Halloween

One of the more troubling and often horrifying inventions of story telling occurs when something we’ve come to expect to be good turns out to be bad. These quickly transform the things of everyday life into the monsters from the dark corners of the mind. Invasion of the Body Snatchers as well as many movies […]

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32 Days of Halloween: Witches

Halloween witches have varied over the years from the comical creations of Disney to the more sinister women of horror movies. They’ve got mixed reviews, from the too-real Salem Witch trials to the sorceresses of Greek myth to the friendly witches of TV comedy series. Some are portrayed as beguilingly beautiful; others as terrifying hags. […]

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32 Days of Halloween Artwork – Day 2

The countdown to Halloween continues with more of the artwork and illustrations I’ve created over the years for various publishers — and for my own enjoyment. ====================== Illustrator Duncan Long has created a variety of genre artwork for self-publishing authors and large presses. You can find more of his horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and […]

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The Zombies Are Coming!

A society’s morbid fascination with zombies can be interesting — if not horrifying. And like the subconscious worries that generated stories about alien invaders and “pod people” during the Cold War era, it’s very possible that today’s popularity of zombie stories reflects a subconscious fear of the foreign invader, illegal aliens, and similar problems of […]

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An Illustrator Updates His Book Artwork Galleries

Much of my weekend was spent updating my various book cover artwork galleries and book illustration portfolio. Such work tends to be both a challenge of sorting (as well as a personal challenge to a book illustrator to continue producing good work — with the hope of actually surpassing some past accomplishments). Looking over a […]

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10 Favorite Horror Illustrations for Halloween

A small collection of artwork from my horror gallery. Some newish, others early artwork. Hopefully entertaining for those wanting a few Halloween scares and perhaps a laugh or two along the lines of those great Charles Addams’ cartoons or Stephen King in his less dark moments. Here’s wishing my clients, fans, and visitors a good […]

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