Zombie illustration for a book cover or magazine by illustrator Duncan Long

“Zombie Invasion” by horror illustrator Duncan Long

The notion of zombies is possibly as old as the stories of werewolves or vampires. Likely based on drugs that caused victims to take orders and wander about like the drugged people they were, the whole sub-genre of zombies has grown over the years since George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead hit the silver screen back in 1968 to scare the snot out of movie goers.

Arguably Romero’s movie brought the level of blood and gore in the movie theater to new highs (or lows, depending on your point of view) — one reason I’m not a big fan of zombie movies. However if you want to have your teeth curled by fear, a zombie movie will generally do the trick.

Here are a few more of my illustrations in the zombie mode (noting that most of these have ever been sold or otherwise used to illustrate a story or article in a book or magazine).

A Higher Form of Killing - by illustrator Duncan Long

“A Higher Form of Killing” by illustrator Duncan Long

Zombie book cover artist Duncan Long

“If Evil Had a Name” – burning zombie — or a witch who’s set someone aflame. You decide.

Sometimes They Come Back horror book cover artwork illustration

“Sometimes They Come Back” has some elements of the zombie to it — along with the usual terrors of the graveyard.

Sometimes They Come Back --magazine_illustration-005

“Sometimes They Come Back #2” appeared in The Sun tabloid — with the addition of a pretty gal hiding behind a tombstone while a zombie stalks the graveyard.

Three Zombie Sisters - Illustration by artist Duncan Long

“Three Zombie Sisters” an Illustration by artist Duncan Long

When not avoiding being terrified out of his mind by zombie movies, Duncan Long works as an illustrator creating artwork for books and magazines in a variety of genres including horror. See more of his artwork at Duncan Long’s Art Portfolio.