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A Win/Win Solution to Ebook Piracy

Overnight torrents and other pirate sites would be helping authors rather than hurting them.

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Pirates and the Future of Ebooks

Piracy is becoming the greatest obstacle for those wanting to make a living in the publishing industry, especially with ebooks. According to NewsCore, in 2011 one in five ebooks were illegally downloaded — twice the number seen during 2010. It’s likely the rates of piracy are even higher for popular books. A publisher I recently […]

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Internet Blacklist – Or an Anti-Theft Device?

I’ve been getting emails warning of a coming “Government Censorship of the Internet” and threats of “Government Blacklisting.” Strong words there. After reading about the proposed US bill “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act,” I’m afraid I’m about 90 percent for the measure. Here’s why. The bill basically blocks US access to sites that are […]

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