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A Win/Win Solution to Ebook Piracy

Overnight torrents and other pirate sites would be helping authors rather than hurting them.

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The Future of the eBook

I’ve been in the publishing industry several decades now (and had a love for books and writing for many decades before that). I’ve followed with interest the appearance of the eBook. I was an “early adopter” of the eBook in idea if not name, reading text in 2002 on a Dell Axim PDA (personal digital […]

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Pirates and the Future of Ebooks

Piracy is becoming the greatest obstacle for those wanting to make a living in the publishing industry, especially with ebooks. According to NewsCore, in 2011 one in five ebooks were illegally downloaded — twice the number seen during 2010. It’s likely the rates of piracy are even higher for popular books. A publisher I recently […]

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Predictions for the Publishing Industry In 2012

Life would be much easier if a guy had that proverbial crystal ball that enabled glimpses of the future. However, we have the next best thing these days: Experts and surveys that can often point the way we’re going, as well as tell us what it is we’re going toward. Here are several excellent articles […]

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Michael A. Stackpole: Self Publishing Comes of Age

Michael A. Stackpole looks at the news that Amazon.com sold more ebooks than print last year — and why that may mean that the golden age of self publishing is finally here. Check it out: Amazon Sells More Ebooks Than Paperbacks. =============================

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More Articles About Publishing…

Things are changing rapidly in the publishing field, especially when it comes to ebooks. Unexpected Ebook Events of the Past 18 Months. A PR release from Arbor Books that undoubtedly is a bit slanted, but nevertheless has some interesting information in it: Six Reasons the Anti-Self-Publishing Movement Is Dead How will the title of your […]

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Stealth Publisher: A model for the future of publishing?

Most people have never heard of BiblioBazaar. Yet it’s a company that has quietly been building a book catalog of hundreds of thousands of books — with 272,930 new titles last year. It coverts public domain titles into ebook and POD (print on demand) formats. BiblioBazaar’s strategy is to seel just a few of each […]

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Vanity Press, Self Publishing, and Imprints

There’s a lot of confusion as to what a small publisher is and what constitutes self publishing. Part of the confusion results because many of these terms are used incorrectly (and I am guilty of this myself sometimes). But part of the problem is that publishing itself is in a flux with technology offering new […]

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How Paperbacks Trump Ebooks

It’s no secret: I prefer reading text with ebooks as opposed to reading print books. For me the ebook is easier to hold and read in all sorts of lighting conditions from sunlight to total darkness (my reader of choice is an old eBookwise “eBook Reading Device” that I picked up years ago for just […]

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The Tipping Point for Ebooks?

Manufacturers and publishers have been jockeying for the best positions in the steadily growing ebook market. Most publishers are now selling ebook versions of their titles, and some are selling in serious numbers. Amazon.com has expanded its reader/client base by offering aps that allow reading Kindle-format ebooks on iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and PCs/Macs — […]

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