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Predictions for the Publishing Industry In 2012

Life would be much easier if a guy had that proverbial crystal ball that enabled glimpses of the future. However, we have the next best thing these days: Experts and surveys that can often point the way we’re going, as well as tell us what it is we’re going toward. Here are several excellent articles […]

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Special Promo Offer on Techno-Thriller Wired

I got word today that Douglas E. Richards’ techno-thriller Wired has been getting “crazy-positive reviews.” To build up even more interest, the price on the Kindle version is being temporarily lowered to 99 cents — but only for a limited time. So if you want to pick up a real bargain and have a lot […]

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Book Cover illustration for Black Beast

Here’s the finished book cover illustration and layout for R.S. Guthrie’s novel Black Beast. This project allowed the creation of another “contrasts” illustration involving a priest (different novels, but both central characters are Roman Catholic priests). In this case the evil is pretty apparent, and obviously provides the main contrast to the priest who’s unaware […]

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Kindle Version of Hunt of the Sea Wolves

The Kindle version of Hunt of the Sea Wolves is now available at: Amazon.com. Interestingly, the original color version becomes grayscale — because the Kindle is currently color blind. I expect that to change in the near future, but for now, a book illustrator must take a little care to keep the cover illustration contrasts […]

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The Tipping Point for Ebooks?

Manufacturers and publishers have been jockeying for the best positions in the steadily growing ebook market. Most publishers are now selling ebook versions of their titles, and some are selling in serious numbers. Amazon.com has expanded its reader/client base by offering aps that allow reading Kindle-format ebooks on iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and PCs/Macs — […]

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