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32 Days of Halloween Artwork and Illustrations – Day 1

Halloween was always a fun holiday for me when I was a kid, back before that terrifying realization of adulthood: that the world really was full of monsters (albeit of a different kind than in the monster movies and fairy tales). With those kinder and gentler times in mind, I decided to start a display […]

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The Zombies Are Coming!

A society’s morbid fascination with zombies can be interesting — if not horrifying. And like the subconscious worries that generated stories about alien invaders and “pod people” during the Cold War era, it’s very possible that today’s popularity of zombie stories reflects a subconscious fear of the foreign invader, illegal aliens, and similar problems of […]

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5 New Horror Illustrations Looking for a Home

From time to time, I create new illustrations “just for fun” with the hope that eventually they’ll find a buyer. This generally proves a good investment of my time with most such pictures eventually finding a home on a book or magazine cover. The plus of these self-directed illustrations is that they’re produced more quickly […]

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