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Sneak Peek: “Northward into the Night”

One of Richard Thieme’s science fiction short stories “Northward into the Night” from Mind Games (published April 2010 under the Duncan Long Publications imprint) is now available for a “free read” at nycBigCityLit.com. The illustration (above) was been used in its black-and-white version to illustrate the story in the book. A color version graces the […]

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Lamplighter Cover Illustration

Lion & Lamb Ministries has purchased limited rights to “The Serpent’s Curse” (above) for use on the cover of its Lamplighter magazine. This is a rather quirky picture that attracts lots of attention, yet is pretty limited in its potential for being employed as an actual illustration (though I believe it has been used in […]

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A Child’s Witness to Genocide

Issue five of Free Voices magazine came out with the illustration I did for it. The issue contains extensive excerpts of Edith Saposnik Kaplan’s book A Child’s Witness to Genocide (both the magazine and book are published by The Solomon Press). The autobiographical story follows the harrowing experiences of Kaplan (then a small child) who […]

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Painting the Sky

A recent illustration (as of yet, without a home) created as a pseudo myth: The Great Father Paints the Sky and Stars. I painted the silhouette of a Native American medicine man as the Great Father and then created a starry sky (somewhat as what might be seen in deep space). I think this conjunction […]

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Christian Artwork: New Jerusalem – Take Six

We live, the old Chinese curse supposedly goes, in “interesting times.” As is often the case in turbulent times, Christians tend to watch the skies wondering if perhaps, just perhaps, the End Times outlined in Revelation might be almost upon us. Some of my illustrations over the last decade involve scenes from the Bible, and […]

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