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Key Elements for Selling Books in 2011 — and 2012

Ebooks did well in 2011, and I suspect with all the ebook readers that were handed out by Santa Claus this Christmas, they’ll be in very solid footing in 2012. Many in the publishing industry are expecting that in the not too distant future, ebooks will be outselling print in most markets with the exception […]

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Just Out: Finding Badger by Holly LaMora

I got word that Holly LaMora’s Finding Badger is now available in paperback and Kindle format at: Amazon.com. Billed as a “Metaphorical Journey of Transformation” the book is a very entertaining read. And you can find sample chapters at Amazon.com’s page. The only caveat is that once you start reading, you’ll likely be hooked and […]

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3 Free Ebooks for Halloween

Over the last few years, I’ve created a small booklet to give away on Halloween, devising special illustrations for it (and in one case a typeface) and doing the layout. This year has been so busy — and that’s a good thing, especially in this economy — that it’s unlikely I’ll get a new book […]

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Two More Illustrations Looking for a Book Designer

Two more illustrations created over the weekend, with both seeking adoption by a loving book cover designer or magazine art director. As of today, both of these illustrations have all rights available, including the book and magazine cover rights as well as T-shirt, mouse pad, and other odds and ends. This little plug of the […]

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Carol Jackson’s Angel Unawares, A Novel Now On Sale

Carol Jackson’s Angel Unawares, A Novel is now available for sale at Barnes and Noble. Carol works in a TV studio, and part of her story takes place in a studio, giving the reader some behind-the-scenes insights into the workings and politics of a station. Yes, I created the book cover artwork and cover design. […]

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8 Book Cover Illustrations for Joan of Arc

Over the last week one of my book cover projects has been creating the cover for Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy by Marcia Quinn Noren. This carefully documented non-fiction book takes a new look at some of the history and experiences behind Joan of Arc. As such, it was important to take pains in […]

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3 Sneak Peeks: Book Cover Artwork/Layout

I’m slowly wrapping up what proved to be a huge book project: Illustrating and laying out Steve Quayle’s Angel Wars. Rather than creating only the cover illustration for the book (as is my normal assignment with book projects), I also did the graphic design and layout of the cover and all the inner pages as […]

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Searching for America: Final Book Cover Layout

Here’s the final book cover layout for R. Thomas Roe’s upcoming action-adventure novel Searching for America. (You can check my previous two blog posts for more about the book cover illustration.) I added an AK-47 icon for the spine and basically to fill space in the layout above the book publisher’s address. (And, yes, fellow […]

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