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Book Cover Artwork for The Silent Call

Here’s the cover illustration I created for James Diffin’s new science fiction/fantasy/action-adventure novel The Silent Call. The author wanted to picture a pivotal scene in the novel where the hero (John Ryder, a young American chess grand master) discovers there may be a modern-day Merlin in his life, with the magician taking the hero to […]

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Book Cover Illustration for The White Lilac

Here’s the cover illustration I created for Christina J. Adams’ new science fiction novel The White Lilac. The trick was to create a cover illustration that the viewer would perceive as a young woman in water — rather than a gal floating in the air or space. To achieve this, I worked with a variety […]

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Cute Kittens… Uh, Illustrations… Needing a Home

Another slew of original illustrations from the flying monkeys at the Duncan Long Studio, each looking for a home on a book or magazine cover. Horror, science fiction, and fantasy all looking for the right home on a novel or with a short story. And currently all rights are available for each of these illustrations. […]

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3 Sneak Peeks at Asimov’s SF Magazine Cover

I was contacted a few months back by the art director at Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and asked if I’d be interested in creating the cover for the Christmas issue (Dec. 2011). The art director may now be deaf in one ear do to my shouted, “Yes!!!!” I was sent a delightful story about a […]

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3 Artificial Constructs

I recently suggested that rather than plotting growth of the S-curve on graphs, they might possibly be better explored by plotting them through 3D. Sadly the only response (other than humorous) mentally pictured the rotation on one axis. Things become more interesting when an object is rotated on more than one axis and moved through […]

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3 Book Cover Illustrations Up for Adoption

Another three illustrations my flying monkeys and I created during our leisure time this weekend. As usual, these were all three created for my own enjoyment, but with the hope of eventually selling them as well as to round out my portfolio with a few new pieces of artwork. Originally I was going to place […]

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Sneak Peek: Robot for Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

First sketch for the robot design that I’m working on for an upcoming cover illustration for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. ===================== In addition to creating cover illustrations for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, Duncan Long has created artwork for a number of other presses including HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Moonstone Books, Enslow Publishers, and many […]

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Book Cover Illustration: Under the Triple Suns

I’ve been busy updating my book cover illustration portfolio (or perhaps “art galleries” is a better term for the maze of pictures I’ve created). “Under the Triple Suns” is an illustration aimed at rounding out my portfolio just a bit. As such it’s also a speculative “book cover” that as yet doesn’t have a client […]

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Lawrence P. White’s Knights of the Chosen Now Available

Lawrence P. White’s science fiction novel Knights of the Chosen series (which I did the book cover illustration for — shown above) is now available in Kindle format from Amazon.com. The second in the Spirit of Empire series, this epic tale offers another good read. Check it out. If you like science fiction, you’ll enjoy […]

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Learning from the Past

While it’s good to keep up on what the latest trends in book cover design and artwork may be (to avoid some of the cliches if nothing else), looking to the past for inspiration is often a fruitful exercise. Penguin recently made this a little easier to do by posting a wonderful collection of the […]

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